Christina Vester

Associate Professor | Associate Chair, Graduate and Undergraduate Studies


Ph.D., University of Washington
Dissertation: Polis and Reproduction: the Role of the Mother in Euripides and Menander
MA, University of Calgary
BA, University of Calgary

(519) 888-4567 x 32855
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Christina Vester


Areas of Interest

  • Identity in the ancient world
  • Greek and Roman tragedy
  • Greek and Roman comedy
  • Ancient Greek
  • Words for Nerds (English words and their Greek and Latin origins)
  • Literature of the Neronian Age

Selected Publications

Work in Progress:

Ketos: Ancient Greek language learning website - flashcards, parsing, syntax, and translation exercises for first year Ancient Greek students using Athenaze

Paper and Article: “Staging Men: Citizenship and Masculinity in Menander”

Paper and Article: “Prostitutes in Menander”

Article: “Pseudo-Seneca’s Octavia: literature, history, and the last Julio-Claudians”


  • "(Mis)Remembering Magnus in Lucan's de bello civili," Latomus 315 (2008) 324-38    
  • “Bigamy and bastardy, wives and concubines: Civic identity in Andromache,” forthcoming in ThePlay of Texts and Fragments.


  • “Wealth and Democracy: Shaping Athenian Identity in Demosthenes and Menander” University of Winnipeg and University of Manitoba Joint Colloquium (February 2006) 
  • “Roman Comedy”
  • University of Winnipeg: Greek and Roman Society UG class (February 2006) 
  • “The Wife and the Concubine: Contested Claims in Euripides’ Andromache
  • Classical Association of the Canadian West: Annual Conference (March 2004) 
  • “Playing Happy Homes: Menandrean Courtesans and Reproducing the Athenian Oikos:”
  • Hawaii International Conference on the Arts and Humanities (January 2003)             
  • “Mothers in Menander: Perpetuating the Polis in Fourth Century Athens”
  • University of Calgary: Department of Greek & Roman Studies Seminar Series (February 2003)             
  • "Making Aristocrats in Menander"
  • Classical Association of Canada: Annual Conference (May 2002) 
  • "Tokens of Identity in Menander's Epitrepontes"
  • University of Chicago Graduate Student Conference: Menander's Athens (April 2000) 
  • "Menander's Epitrepontes
  • University of Washington: Classics Colloquia (February 2000) 
  • "Seneca’s Ulysses"
  • Classical Association of the Canadian West: Annual Conference (March 1996)

General Information

The second of eight children whose parents emigrated from Denmark and Germany, I grew up on a farm in central Alberta, Canada. Our family cursus honorum taught us to tend rabbits first, then chickens, fowl, goats, pigs, and finally, cows. I (happily) never made it past the pig rank. At the time, university was the preferable alternative to tackling cow-herding.

University of Waterloo

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