Student pathways

We know EDGE's flexibility can make it hard for students to understand how they can integrate the milestones they need and their academic study. When the EDGE team is working with students, we like to use simple tools called pathways to help them navigate the certificate and make plans for the remainder of their undergraduate career. 

Pathways map out all of the milestones students need to complete EDGE on a termly basis over the course of their time at Waterloo. It's easy to create specialized pathways for students in different faculties and programs or students with different interests: just populate the pathway with courses, workshops, and experiences appropriate for a given student's needs. Because any given pathway only represents one possible journey through EDGE, students should be encouraged to use them as starting points for planning rather than concrete paths through the certificate. 

We know advisors are experts when it comes to what's possible in their faculties and departments, and we encourage you to create their own pathways using the templates provided below. If you have any questions or need help creating pathways for your students, contact the EDGE team at

Sample pathways

These sample pathways were created by the EDGE team and approved by advisors in their respective programs. Feel free to reference and adapt them when creating pathways for your students.