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You can complete EDGE milestones by choosing from dozens of work-integrated learning courses across multiple faculties.

EDGE course FAQs

Spring 2022 skills identification and articulation courses

Faculty Course Description
Mathematics ENGL 119 Communications in Mathematics & Computer Science
Science ENGL 193 & SPCOM 193 Communication in the Sciences

Students in ENGL 193 and SPCOM 193 must complete the requirements in the Science Skills Identification and Articulation asynchronous workshop to be eligible for the milestone. Completion is tracked by the EDGE team. Please email the EDGE team if you have further questions about meeting these requirements.

The skills identification and articulation workshop can be completed online through Learn. Non-EDGE students may enroll using the self-registration tool, EDGE students can access the content through EDGE Learn community and complete the associated quiz to earn the milestone.

For previous terms, please see our list of past skills identification and articulation courses.

Career development courses

Faculty Course Description
Arts PSCI 299 Political Science Beyond the Classroom
WatPD PD1 EDGE Career Fundamentals

For a list of previously offered career development courses, please see our list of past career development courses.

Work and community experiences

With the COVID-19 pandemic, these courses are evaluated each term for eligibility as delivery may have changed. If you have questions of whether your academic course on this list may count for EDGE, please contact the EDGE team at edge@uwaterloo.ca

Faculty Course Description
Health HLTH 481 Community Learning Project
Health KIN 492A Clinical Kinesiology — Cardiac Rehabilitation Practicum
Health KIN 492B Clinical Kinesiology — Cardiac Rehabilitation Practicum
Health KIN 493 Clinical Kinesiology: Movement Assessment Practicum
Health REC 253 Practicum in Therapeutic Recreation
Health REC 312 Practicum in Recreation, Sport, and Tourism
Health  REC 450 Internship for Therapeutic Recreation
Arts ARTS 390 Crime and Justice
Arts CMW 202 Worship Practicum 2
Arts THPERF 206 Production Participation 1
Arts THPERF 207 Production Participation 2
Arts THPERF 243 Technical Production 1
Arts THPERF 244 Technical Production 2
Arts THPERF 306 Production Participation 3
Arts THPERF 307 Production Participation 4
Arts THPERF 316 Production Participation 5
Arts THPERF 317 Production Participation 6
Arts THPERF 400 Collaborative Performance Project
Arts THPERF 406 Production Participation 7
Arts THPERF 407 Production Participation 8
Arts THPERF 416 Production Participation 9
Arts THPERF 417 Production Participation 10
Arts FINE 243 Topics in Fine Arts Experiential Learning
Arts FINE 343 Topics in Fine Arts Experiential Learning
Arts GBDA 302 Global Digital Project 2
Arts GER/REES 262 Multilingualism
Arts GER 407 Applied Apprenticeship
Arts LS 434 Sociology of At-Risk Youth1
Arts MUSIC 116 Music Ensemble
Arts MUSIC 117 Music Ensemble
Arts MUSIC 216 Music Ensemble
Arts MUSIC 217 Music Ensemble
Arts MUSIC 316 Music Ensemble
Arts MUSIC 317 Music Ensemble
Arts MUSIC 416 Music Ensemble
Arts MUSIC 417 Music Ensemble
Arts PACS 390 Internship
Arts PSCI 498C Civic Engagement Experience
Arts PSYCH 465 Applied Apprenticeship
Arts PSYCH 466 Emergent Literacy
Arts PSYCH 467 Human Resources Apprenticeship
Arts SDS 496R Applied Apprenticeship in Social Development Studies
Arts SMF 460 Practicum and Professional Ethics
Arts SMF 461 Practicum and Applied Theory
Arts SMF 490 Practicum and Professional Ethics
Arts SMF 491 Practicum and Applied Theory
Arts SOC 434 Sociology of At-Risk Youth1
Engineering BET 300 Foundations of Venture Creation
Engineering BET 340 Essentials of Entrepreneurial Planning and Execution
Environment ENBUS 402A Environment and Business Project
Environment ENBUS 402B Environment and Business Project
Environment ERS 340 Ecosystem Assessment2
Environment ERS 341 Professional Conservation and Restoration Practice 12
Environment ERS 382 Ecological Monitoring2
Environment INDEV 401 International Development Placement 1
Environment INDEV 402 International Development Placement 2
Environment INTEG 452A Real World Problem Solving A
Environment INTEG 452B Real World Problem Solving B

1LS 434 and SOC 434 are cross-listed.

Do you have any other questions about pre-approval and the milestone-granting process? Contact us at edge@uwaterloo.ca

2This course features capped enrolment, and some students may be given priority depending on their program and plan of study. If you're interested in taking this course, consider registering early or contacting your academic program advisor for more information.