Skills identification and articulation workshop

The skills identification and articulation workshop helps students identify the skills they have developed in and outside of the classroom and the skills they will develop throughout their undergraduate career. Students who complete the workshop will recognize their skills and develop strategies for expressing these skills to target audiences (e.g. potential employers).

The workshop is facilitated by a career advisor from the Centre for Career Action.

Students can complete EDGE's skills identification and articulation workshop in one of three ways:

  • they can attend a standalone workshop offered by the Centre for Career Action;
  • they can complete the online skills identification and articulation workshop and quiz content in the EDGE LEARN community
  • they can successfully complete an academic course that offers the workshop as part of its course content. Visit our page devoted to EDGE courses for a full list of courses that include the skills identification and articulation workshop. 

Additionally, all students can access the online skills identification and articulation workshop through the self registration tool in Learn. 

"[The workshop] was able to point out a lot of things I didn't know about myself, and it helped me find certain weaknesses I feel like I'll need to work on."

- Aaron, 3A student and EDGE ambassador

"[The workshop] assisted me with building my résumé and how to operate in an interview using the STAR method... it's been very valuable and they were great skills to learn."

- Michele, 2B student and EDGE ambassador