Student profiles

We've asked some of our EDGE students to tell us about their experience completing the certificate: why did they sign up for EDGE? How has it changed their undergraduate experience? What are some things people don't know about the program? 

Reading about real students' journeys through EDGE is a great way to familiarize yourself with the certificate. If you have a question about something in our student profiles or want to create one of your own, contact us at

aaron cole

"[EDGE has] been big for me because it's made me more involved in what's going on in the community. Being a part of EDGE is an opportunity to be a part of something new and different, and I found that to be very cool. It's just like being a part of a varsity team, it's an enriching experience and it separates you from being a regular student."
"The good thing about EDGE is it encourages you to go out and find your own experiences, whether they be volunteer or work. I'm hoping that with the encouragement from EDGE to go apply myself to other work, I'll be able to find something I enjoy. I'm using EDGE to guide me into what I'll be doing in the future... I'll definitely be using these transferable skills I've learned."
anna liang
shehnoor nasir
"With my experience with the marketing and promotions we do, I've met a lot of students... When I tell them about this program, I see that glimmer of hope in their eyes and they want to register. That's pretty rewarding."