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Electrical and computer engineers shape the future through innovation.  They develop and improve systems that serve everyday needs of society spanning from high-voltage engineering and sustainable energy, to breakthroughs in wireless technology. Our faculty and students do everything from creating low-cost digital x-ray imagers to combat tuberculosis in developing countries, to building real-time embedded systems to advance the design and reliability of commercial products.  ECE - the future is what we do.

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  1. Nov. 12, 2019Scientists develop sensor to save children, pets left in vehicles

    A small, inexpensive sensor could save lives by triggering an alarm when children or pets are left alone in vehicles.

    The new device, developed by researchers at the University of Waterloo, combines radar technology with artificial intelligence (AI) to detect unattended children or animals with 100-per-cent accuracy.

    Small enough to fit in the palm of a hand at just three centimetres in diameter, the device is designed to be attached to a vehicle’s rear-view mirror or mounted on the ceiling.

  2. Nov. 12, 2019A car that can tell when you’re texting and driving

    WATERLOO — The student sits in front of a bank of computer screens that replicate the experience of driving down a busy Waterloo street.

    He sits in a bucket-style car seat, with one hand on the steering wheel. When he reaches for his Tim Hortons coffee cup, a robotic voice barks out, "Careful!" and keeps nagging until he puts the cup down.

    Read the full article featured in The Record.com.

  3. Oct. 30, 2019Professors Werner Dietl and Lan Wei receive Early Researcher Awards

    Electrical and computer engineering professors, Werner Dietl and Lan Wei, are recipients of Early Researcher Awards (ERA).  The Early Researcher Awards program recognizes promising new researchers with $140,000 each to build a research team.

    The Ontario government awarded funds to their projects:

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  1. Nov. 19 to 21, 2019Engineering International Fair


    To celebrate International Education Week, the Faculty of Engineering is hosting a series of events open to all faculty, staff and students. You are welcome to sign up for one or all events that appeal to you. The goal of this fair is to celebrate the diverse cultures, ethnicities and backgrounds that exist within the Faculty.

  2. Nov. 19, 2019PhD Comprehensive Proposal Examination - Zhuoran Li

    Candidate: Zhuoran Li

    Topic: Video Encoder Control Using Reinforcement Learning

    Date: November 19, 2019

    Time: 9:30 AM

    Place: EIT 3145

    Supervisor(s): Wang, Zhou

    All are welcome to attend.

  3. Nov. 19, 2019MASc Seminar: Forensic Analysis in Access Control: a Case-Study of a Cloud Application

    Candidate: Xiaowei Huang

    Title: Forensic Analysis in Access Control: a Case-Study of a Cloud Application


    Date: November 19, 2019

    Time: 1:30

    Place: EIT 3145

    Supervisor(s): Tripunitara, Mahesh


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