Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI)


Faculty members participating in Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) research:

James Barby Mohamed Elmasry (adjunct) Vincent Gaudet
Catherine Gebotys Anwar Hasan Karim Karim
Peter Levine David Nairn Ajoy Opal
Manoj Sachdev Derek Wright  

Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) deals with problems encountered when combining thousands of electronic devices into a single integrated circuit. The field encompasses all major aspects of design and implementation of VLSI systems including systems specifications, design partitioning, reliability and yield.  Within the field, graduate students work closely with faculty members to explore research problems using computer aided tools ranging from three-dimensional field solvers to fully integrated design flows. Typically research is verified through design and fabrication of integrated circuits implemented in nano-meter complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor (CMOS) processes. Much of the work is supported by local and international companies.

Photo by Michael Dziedzic on Unsplash