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Alumni Achievement Award

Environment alumni shaping our sustainable future

Jean Andrey, Taarini Chopra, Carol Layton, and David Miller.

Dean Jean Andrey with Taarini Chopra (winner of 2015 Young Alumni Achievement Award) and Carol Layton (winner of 2015 Alumni Achievement Award winner), and David Miller (guest speaker).

The Faculty of Environment at the University of Waterloo is extremely proud of our alumni who are making a difference through their professional accomplishments, public service, environmental impact and/or academic excellence. We are honoured to recognize their accomplishments through the annual Young Alumni and Alumni Achievement Awards.

Do you know an exceptional alumnus or alumna?

Learn about eligibility and criteria for the Alumni Achievement Awards and fill out our 5-minute alumni award nomination form and nominate them today!

For more information about the Faculty of Environment Alumni Achievement Award, please contact Maryam Latifpoor-Keparoutis

Meet out 2016 Award recipients

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Nirvana Champion

Steve Thompson