International Travel Safety and Security Provider

The University of Waterloo subscribes to a third-party provider, Anvil Group, to provide travel assistance and advice for both University-related and personal travel. This resource is available to students, faculty, and staff as they prepare for, and execute, international travel.

Is Anvil Group an insurance provider?

No, Anvil Group is not an insurance provider. It is a resource that provides worldwide medical, security, travel, and emergency assistance. All University of Waterloo travellers must obtain their own out-of-country travel insurance. There may be costs associated with any assistance you receive from Anvil Group (i.e. prescription medication, hospital stays, and emergency evacuation).  If costs are incurred they will not be covered by Anvil Group; they may or may not be covered by your travel insurance. 

When can I use Anvil Group?

You have access to a wide variety of services, resources, and timely information throughout the planning and duration of your time abroad.

While you are travelling, you can use this resource to access the 24/7 dedicated travel safety assistance phone line or email for help in any emergency medical, security and travel situation that you may encounter.

In an emergency please contact the recourses outlined on the Who to Contact in an Emergency Website.

How do I create a Travel Risk Brief?

You can login to the Anvil portal to create a travel risk brief at any time to receive valuable safety and security information pertaining to your travel destination. Follow the instructions for How to create a travel risk brief.

How do I register and use the Anvil app?

The Anvil App provides a simple interface to review travel safety and security information and receive real-time alerts about emerging threats or live incidents in your locality that could impact your safety – now or in the near future. The Anvil App is available for iOS and Android smartphones.

Learn more in the Anvil app registration and user guide.