Current undergraduates

Below is all of the great information that can be found on our website for current students!

Academic advisors

  • Contact information for your academic advisors
  • Information on who to contact for any potential concerns
  • Career planning resources

Majors, minors and options

  • A list of what you can major in and the requirements
  • List of common minors and their requirements
  • Options that you can add to your degree

Course enrollment and planning

  • Enrolling in courses
  • Degree checklists and planning tools
  • Letter of permission and international exchange
  • Course syllabi

Academic policies and procedures

  • Course assignments and exam policies
  • Final exam procedures
  • Changing your program of study
  • Transfer credit policy

Student success and support

  • Academic integrity
  • Student support on campus
  • SSO (Student Success Office)

Co-op procedures

  • Professional Development courses (PD1)
  • Work reports
  • Getting into or out of Co-op

Get involved

  • Volunteering
  • Mentoring
  • Kinesiology student association

Funding and awards

  • Scholarships, bursaries and awards
  • Hallman Undergraduate Research Fellowship
  • Student endowment fund

First-year students

  • Next steps after accepting your offer
  • Course selection guidelines
  • Orientation week information

About to graduate

  • Graduation checklist
  • Grad photos
  • Convocation
  • Planning for your future

Transfer to Kinesiology

  • From another university
  • From another program at UWaterloo
  • Transfer credits