Meet Colonel Jim Kile, Command Surgeon for the Canadian Armed Forces. Learn how his unexpected career path began at the University of Waterloo in the MSc Kinesiology program. Exposure to his supervisor’s network started his journey in the military and medical school.

So you get a graduate degree in Kinesiology - what's next for you?

We know that understanding what comes next after your graduate studies drives your decision making, even before you start a graduate program. It's important to know what potential future you have after completing a MSc or PhD in Kinesiology.

Find out some statistics about what happens to our former graduate students and read some compelling stories from our alumni on their career path after leaving the Department of Kinesiology and Health Sciences at the Faculty of Health.

"The Kin Master's program really gave me a solid foundation that has allowed me to be successful in my career."


Researcher, Nike Inc.

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Video of Matt Vonk's winning three minute thesis presentation.

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