From cell to society!

Our mission is to optimize health and performance and prevent injury and illness through an understanding of human movement. Our interdisciplinary approach embodies both biophysical and social sciences to address issues from molecular reactions to personal attitudes.

  • What happens to the spine during lifting and how can we prevent injury at work?
  • What is the effect of weightlessness on the function of the heart?
  • What are the molecular factors that enable muscles to respond to stress and how these functions are modified through exercise and diet?
  • How do social factors influence the occurrence of injuries in the work place and can we evaluate the outcome of intervention strategies?
  • Why do older adults fall more often and how can we help them keep active without falling?
Ken Stark pipetting in lab.

Our professors are dedicated to advancing the frontier of kinesiology research. It is essential for us to have those professors discovering the knowledge, and bringing it directly into the classroom. Our professors are international leaders in their respective fields of investigation. The keystone of our program is that research permeates all levels of study to fully engage undergraduate and graduate students in the research process.

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