Academic advisors

Your advisors, Lee Chandler and Leanne Varey are here to assist in making your university years rewarding and simple. If you have any questions and are not sure who to ask, start with your Advisor.

You can reach Leanne at and Lee at to ask questions. You can also book an appointment online with each of them to connect via Teams for a call or video chat.

Lee and Leanne can assist you with:

  • making decisions regarding course selections
  • general concerns about courses
  • general concerns about academic difficulties
  • academic rules and regulations
  • course information and announcements
  • administrative forms
  • university regulations and procedures
  • final examination policies
  • transfer credit assessment

For other inquiries, see the recommended contacts below:

What's my concern? Who should I see? Where should I start?
Academic standing

Leanne Varey, Lee Chandler, Academic Advisors

Co-op, including work reports For information about co-op requirements, process, work reports, and contacts for questions, visit co-op procedures.

International exchanges

Julie-Anne Desrochers, Student Services Coordinator (Faculty of Health)
I've received a "Required to Withdraw" decision Leanne Varey, Lee Chandler, Academic Advisors
I want to transfer into the Kinesiology program.

If you are a University of Waterloo student interested in transferring into the Kinesiology undergraduate program, contact Julie-Anne Desrochers, Student Services Coordinator (Faculty of Health).

Career planning

Centre for Career Development including How To guides for researching Further Education opportunities, resume preparation, networking etc.

Graduation pursuits of recent Waterloo Faculty of Health (including Kinesiology) grads

Faculty of Health job board