Enrolling in courses via "Quest"

First-year and transfer students

Read the course selection information for first-year and transfer students

Upper-year students

Third and fourth year students must enrol themselves in all their courses. You are responsible to ensure that you are following your required sequence (see the Student Handbook for your year of entry). You can use the Schedule of Classes to find the times and locations of courses.

You will enroll in your electives online using Quest. You can enrol in courses during your enrolment appointment or during open enrolment. Enrolment appointments usually occur over a three day period approximately three months before the term starts.

Prior to enrolment there is a course selection period during which all upper year students should submit requests on Quest for Future Term Offerings (required and elective courses). If you have any problems or require consent to enroll, contact your academic advisor. NOTE: Requesting courses gives you a much better chance of getting the courses that you want or need but does not however guarantee you will get the courses requested.

You will have the first two weeks of classes to add new classes, and the first three weeks to drop classes! Please use the SWAP function to make course changes.  This will ensure you remain in the original course if the desired section/course is full.

Students can access their degree checklist and sequence of courses on their KIN Advising LEARN page.

Term by Term Kinesiology Course offerings

The Department of Kinesiology and Health Sciences has a 3-year teaching plan (The Plan). The Plan is a list of courses that the Department of Kinesiology and Health Sciences will offer each  Fall, Winter and Spring term. The Department will do whatever it can to ensure that the courses outlined in The Plan are offered. However, it is possible that unforeseen circumstances may result in changes to The Plan and some courses may not be offered. Conversely, it is possible that new and exciting courses may be added to The Plan as instructors develop new curriculum for the Kinesiology Program. You will be notified of any potential changes to The Plan and this site will be updated prior to course selection for the upcoming academic term. For more information about each class and its pre-requisites please review the Undergraduate Calendar Course Descriptions. You can also find out the meet times and location for classes this term on the Schedule of Classes. If you have any questions please contact your academic advisor or the Associate Chair Undergraduate Studies.

Current Kinesiology students can view course syllabi on their LEARN pages. All others will need to contact Lee Chandler for inquiries regarding course syllabi.

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Problems with enrollment?

If you are unable to enroll in a course using Quest there are a couple of things you should consider.

If you received an error message you can find out what it means, and what to do about it, on the Quest error messages page.

You can also check the Schedule of Classes and Undergraduate Calendar Course Descriptions to determine class constraints that would prevent successful enrolment.

HINT: If the instructor does not agree to allow an override for a full class, you can watch enrolment numbers on Quest during the first week of classes. If a seat becomes available you'll be able to enrol.

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Drop and Add courses

Add courses

Courses may be added on Quest during your enrolment appointment or during the open enrolment period. Open enrolment for each term continues until the end of the second week of classes in that term (or the end of the first week of classes for Distance Education courses). Course additions are not permitted after the end of the second week of classes.

For a detailed list of all Kinesiology courses including required/electives, pre-requisites needed and terms offered, see Kinesiology course offerings by term.

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Drop courses

Please consult with an advisor before you decide to drop any required courses; however, you can usually drop elective courses depending on how many weeks of the term have passed.

If you receive an error message when attempting to drop a course on Quest you should contact an academic advisor for assistance.

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Important drop dates to remember

No Penalty Period

Courses dropped during the first three weeks of classes disappear from your schedule. Your transcript will not show that you attempted this course. If you are enrolled full-time (four courses or more) you are not allowed to drop below four courses without obtaining permission from an academic advisor.

Penalty 1 Period – WD (Withdrew – no academic penalty)

Courses dropped between the fourth and tenth weeks of classes will continue to show on your transcript with a grade of WD. This shows that you attempted the course but dropped it during the term however the grade does not count in your average.

Penalty 2 Period – WF (Withdrew – failed)

Normally, no courses may be dropped without academic penalty after the tenth week of classes (check the “Important Dates” listed on Quest for the specific date each term). A grade of WF is assigned and counts as a failure (32%) in your average.

There is also a date, usually just prior to the examination period, when you are no longer permitted to drop any courses without a petition.

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Enrolling in courses at Wilfrid Laurier University

If the course that you would like to take is listed in the University of Waterloo course offerings list with the division code “WLU”, you may enroll for the course as if it were a Waterloo course. If the course is not listed, you must follow the cross-registration procedures. Cross Registration forms can be found here. Keep in mind that students may only take two (2) WLU Kinesiology and Physical Education (KPE) courses (0.50 units) for credit.*

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Enrolling in courses at another university

Under the Letter of Permission Policy, a student may request permission to take a course(s) at another university for credit towards their degree at the University of Waterloo. All courses taken on Letter of Permission will be recorded with a grade of CR and will not factor into average calculations. Letter of Permission forms are available on-line under the 'printable forms' site. The Letter of Permission must be accompanied by a detailed description of the course requested, the reason for the request, and a $25.00 fee.

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