Human Nutrition Minor

The Minor in Human Nutrition will provide you with knowledge of nutritional biochemistry, digestion, absorption and metabolism. You'll have opportunities to examine the role of nutrition throughout the life cycle, the importance of nutrition in preventing chronic diseases, and the social and economic influences on nutrition. 

If you complete this minor you'll be able to evaluate nutrient intakes of individuals, and appraise the intake of nutrients at the population level. You'll also be prepared to provide nutritional advice based on scientific evidence and principles of human nutrition.

Please note that students who complete the Minor in Human Nutrition are not eligible for certification as a Registered Dietitian.

Minor requirements

Students must complete 10 courses (5.0 units) from the calendar requirements in order to graduate with the minor. You can review those courses and requirements on the Human Nutrition Minor Undergraduate Calendar page.

How do I apply?

If you are interested in pursuing the Human Nutrition minor, complete a Plan Modification/Internal Transfer Form (PDF) and submit to your academic advisor.

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