Awards and funding

Funding your education

The Department of Kinesiology and Health Sciences offers competitive funding for our graduate students. 

Financial support is available from many sources: graduate research studentships from supervisors’ grants, teaching assistantships, federal and provincial government scholarships, institutional scholarships, bursaries and loans provided by the government of Ontario.

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Demystifying funding: A guide for prospective graduate students:
Watch this video that explains some of the concepts and processes around funding your graduate education.


Graduate research studentships

Highly qualified full-time MSc and PhD thesis-based students could receive graduate research studentships (GRS) from their supervisors. The PhD funding is based on good standing in the program and is guaranteed for four years.

Teaching Assistantships

A thesis-based, full-time graduate student in the MSc or the PhD program could be assigned one or more teaching assistantship (TA) tasks each year. Each TA task involves 10 hours per week for one term. Please refer to compensation rates on Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs website.

Cumulatively, GRS and TAs make up guaranteed funding. Effective May 1, 2022, the minimum guaranteed funding is $20,000/year for the MSc thesis program and $25,000/year for the PhD program.


We believe that excellence in graduate studies is reinforced by providing funding so you can devote time and energy to your studies.

Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs (GSPA) works closely with our faculties, academic departments, the Office of Development, and external agencies to develop and promote scholarships and awards.

For more information on awards and funding, review the following web pages or contact the Kinesiology & Health Sciences Graduate Program Manager.


University of Waterloo Graduate Scholarships are awarded at the departmental level for excellent progress and high academic achievement.

Academically strong full-time graduate students are encouraged to apply for external scholarships including: 

Tri-Council Scholarships:

  • NSERC scholarships (for domestic master's and doctoral students in science and technology fields) 
  • SSHRC scholarships (for master’s and doctoral students in social sciences and humanities)
  • CIHR scholarships (for master’s and doctoral students involved in health-related research)

Other scholarships:

Students will be alerted to upcoming scholarship deadlines by the graduate co-ordinator and by your supervisor.

Search for more funding opportunities

The Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs Awards Database helps current and future University of Waterloo graduate students to identify funding opportunities. Details on awards, bursaries and other scholarships administered through UWaterloo are found within. Students are advised to check the database often as changes to award information including eligibility criteria, award value, application process, deadlines and the availability of funds can occur at any time.