Stuart M. McGill, C.M.

Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Stuart McGill

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BPE (Toronto)

MSc (Ottawa)

PhD (Waterloo)

Research interests

As a professor for 32 years, the research in the Spine Biomechanics Laboratory had three objectives: to understand how the low back functions; to understand how it becomes injured; and, knowing this, formulate and investigate hypotheses related to prevention of injury and optimal rehabilitation of the injured back, and ultimate performance of the athletic back.

There were two separate laboratory approaches - one which examines intact humans which utilizes a rather unique approach that monitors spine motion and body segment position, muscle activation, ligament involvement and modelling tissue loading in each individual subject; and a second approach where we examine the mechanical behaviour of low back tissues and spine specimens. In addition, our research clinic assessed challenging back cases referred from around the world. The final component to our investigations used epidemiological approaches to test our techniques on various populations including military, firefighters, police, athletic and occupational groups. Our graduate students have been very successful being recruited as faculty members, and some becoming ergonomists or taking various clinical positions.

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Professor McGill currently serves on the editorial board for the journals Clinical Biomechanics, Applied Biomechanics and Spine.

Selected publications

Clinical videos

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Recent published papers

*Indicates first authors who were students at time of development of the paper.

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