Robert Norman

Distinguished Professor Emeritus

Former member of the Centre for Applied Health Research

Former Dean, Faculty of Human Kinetics and Leisure Studies/Applied Health Sciences





BA, BPE (McMaster)

MSc (Alberta)

PhD (Pennsylvania State)

Research interests

My research focussed on the development of biomechanical computer models to calculate forces in individual muscles. This work was been applied to the spine in collaboration with Dr. McGill with whom I was awarded the Volvo prize for biomechanical research on the spine in 1986. My applied research was on the testing of the utility of these and other biomechanical methods, such as electromyography, for the measurement of risk of industrial injury to the back and other body joints. I was also involved in a large epidemiological study of factors that predict risk of back injury in industry.

Professor Norman is a past president of the Canadian Society for Biomechanics and of the International Society of Biomechanics and was awarded an Honourary Doctorate from the University of Jyväskylä, Finland.