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Kinesiology Lab Days are going virtual!

We have six free Kinesiology Labs that you can deliver to your students - either in class or online. You can run one lab, or all three! Registration closes Friday, April 23, 2021.

The labs will be available until April 30, 2021, allowing you to run them on the date(s) that works best for you. No special equipment is required; some of the labs will ask students to perform experiments using items easily found both in the classroom and at home.

Virtual labs

Flexing emoji Work those muscles!

Force and fatigue! In this lab, students will put their muscles to the test and learn about muscle force generation with experiments focusing on muscle moment of force and muscle fatigue.

Heart emojiDon't miss a beat!

Got rhythm? In this lab, students will get to the heart of the matter and learn about the cardiovascular system and how to use heart rate in experiments at rest, during postural changes, while exercising or during recovery, and in estimating VO2 max.

Brain emojiReady, set, neuro!

Do you have lightning-fast reflexes? In this lab, students will dive into the topic of neuroscience, investigating response time through interactive experiments, Hick's Law, and Fitts' Law.

weightlifter emojiAb-ove average core

A strong core is more than a six pack! In this lab, students will test their knowledge and strength in activities and experiments focused on challenging their core. Students will learn how integral the core strength is to everyday life.

meditation emojiCentre of attention

Are you a pro at multitasking? We challenge students to assess how much brainpower it takes to perform tasks that are considered automatic. In this lab, students will gain knowledge about motor learning, automaticity, and attention.

cartwheel emojiA balancing act

How good is your balance? In this lab, students will discuss how different sensory inputs help us maintain our balance under static and dynamic conditions. We’ll quantify our balance and gait control during various challenges while standing and walking. 

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