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Stuart M. McGill

University Professor

Director, Spine Biomechanics Laboratory


BPE (Toronto)

MSc (Ottawa)

PhD (Waterloo)


Office: BMH 3033

Phone: (519) 888-4567, ext. 36761


Fax: (519) 746-6776

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Research interests

Our research in the Spine Biomechanics Laboratory has three objectives: to understand how the low back functions; to understand how it becomes injured; and, knowing this, formulate and investigate hypotheses related to prevention of injury and optimal rehabilitation of the injured back, and ultimate performance of the athletic back.

We have two separate laboratory approaches - one which examines intact humans which utilizes a rather unique approach that monitors spine motion and body segment position, muscle activation, ligament involvement and modelling tissue loading in each individual subject; and a second approach where we examine the mechanical behaviour of low back tissues and spine specimens. Our graduate students have been involved in several issues such as investigating the load tolerance of the spine under various types of load, assessment of spine stability, examination of devices such as abdominal belts, examination of various injury mechanisms and determining the safest methods of achieving performance in the back, to name a few.

This work has been recognized with many awards including the R. Tait McKenzie Award 2005, the Canadian Society for Biomechanics Career Award 2004, the Stow visiting lectureship from the Ohio State University College of Medicine 2002, the Steven Rose Lectureship from the Washington University School of Medicine 2001, to name a few.

Preparing Leaders:  Virtually all of the graduate students from the Spine Biomechanics Laboratory land exciting careers.  Many are recruited as faculty members, and some become ergonomists or take various clinical positions.

For further information about my research please see my Publications (PDF), and visit the Spine Biomechanics Laboratory.

Professor McGill currently serves on the editorial board for the journals Clinical Biomechanics, Applied Biomechanics and Spine.


 lower back disorders

 Assessment and Therapeutic Exercise

 ultimate back fitness and performance

 Enhancing Performance


Information on Dr. McGill's Books, Speaking Schedule

Selected publications


  1. McGill, S.M.  Ultimate back fitness and performance, Backfitpro Inc., Waterloo, Canada, 2004. ISBN 0-9736018-0-4 (  Fifth edition 2014.
  2. Augaitis, R. Kell, R. Kourtis, G. McGill, S. Whitmarsh, L. Springle, N. Personal Fitness: Faster, Stronger, Smarter. Textbook for High School Curriculum, Thompson Books, Toronto, 2013
  3. McGill, S.M.  Low back disorders: Evidence based prevention and rehabilitation, Human Kinetics Publishers, Champaign, IL, U.S.A., 2002. ISBN 0-7360-4241-5, Second Edition, 2007.
    Now also printed in Japanese, 2003
    Now also printed in Chinese, 2009.

Clinical DVD’s

  1. McGill, S.M., Clinical Techniques for the Ultimate Back:  Assessment and Therapeutic Exercise (, 2007. Second Edition 2012.
  2. McGill, S.M., The Ultimate Back: Enhancing Performance (, 2010

Commissioned Papers and Position Papers

  1. McGill, S.M.  There is no such thing as non-specific back pain.  A position paper written for the Centre of Research Excellence:  Musculoskeletal Disorders.  Faculty of Applied Health Sciences, University of Waterloo, 2009.
  2. McGill, S.M. On the link between occupationally related musculoskeletal loading and low back injury.  Commissioned paper for the Commission on Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education, National Research Council and Institute of Medicine, USA, March, 2000.

Full Refereed Journal Papers *Indicates first authors who were students at time of development of the paper.

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