January 2018 KI update

The Art & Science of Learning

John McLevey has redesigned INTEG 120 based on his experiences teaching it over the last five years. The new course -- The Art and Science of Learning -- introduces students to key (cognitive, social, and network) scientific research on learning and cognitive adaptability and helps them become more intentional learners and knowledge integrators. The course now begins by covering research on how the brain processes information and forms memories, and compares the effectiveness of strategies for learning and skill acquisition. Over time, the course moves away from a focus on how individuals learn and acquire skills and more towards how learning is shaped by our social networks, groups, and teams.

Making Collaboration Work

INTEG 210 will launch in Fall 2018 and is open to all students from outside KI. It will be taught be Katie Plaisance, who co-designed the course with senior KI students Georgia LaMarre, Akanksha Madan, and Shane Morganstein. This course was inspired by the work they did in creating “UW Collaborates: Crash Course in Collaboration,” a workshop hosted by KI students for all UW students teaching basic collaborative skills.

Science, Technology & Society Specialization

The new Science, Technology, & Society specialization is designed to cover a broad range of issues, including the nature and organization of knowledge and expertise, science policy, and public understanding of science.

Combining Two Cultures Conference

KI students hosted the Combining Two Cultures Conference (C2C) 2018 with the theme of Knowledge Sharing. This is the fourth time KI students have taken on the leadership of this conference celebrating undergraduate interdisciplinary education.

KIX 2018

The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals will be explored through KIX 2018. Please check out the exhibits March 12-17, hosted again in the St. Jerome’s University Wellness Centre.

Journal of Integrative Research and Reflection

Launched in January 2018, the Journal of Integrative Research & Reflection (JIRR) is a new, cross-disciplinary undergraduate journal entirely edited, reviewed and administered by students from KI. Their inaugural edition will be published in April 2018.