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John McLeveyJohn McLevey, PhD

Assistant Professor

Department of Knowledge Integration


  • Department of Sociology and Legal Studies
  • School of Environment, Resources and Sustainability

Contact information:

Phone: (519) 888-4567 ext. 31938
Office: Environment 1 (EV1), room 215

Personal website
NetLab website


PhD Sociology, McMaster University, 2013
MA Sociology, McMaster University, 2009
BA (H) Sociology, Memorial University of Newfoundland, 2008

Research interests:

  • social network analysis
  • science and public policy
  • sociology of education
  • environmental sociology
  • computational social science
  • information science
  • research methods

Academic research is currently undergoing a series of radical changes, driven in part by the nearly-worldwide adoption of science policies that emphasize interdisciplinary and collaborative approaches to research, cross-sectoral partnerships, knowledge translation, and open science practices such as open access publishing. The overarching goal of my research program is to understand the development and effects of these transformational changes at the sub-disciplinary, disciplinary, and institutional levels. To that end, I am publishing articles on changes in the social sciences, philosophy of science, environmental science, and biomedicine. I am also conducting related research on innovation and collaboration in open source development. I am also collaborating on a projects in environmental sociology and sociology of education. In each of these projects, I combine traditional sociological methods (e.g. surveys, interviews) and theories with cutting-edge computational approaches (e.g. statistical network models, computational text analysis).

In addition to publishing articles, I am working with student members of my lab group -- NetLab -- to design and develop open source software for quantitative and computational research on the structure and evolution of science.


John McLevey, Alexander Graham, Reid McIlroy-Young, Pierson Browne, and Kathryn S. Plaisance. 2018. “Indifferent interdisciplinary: intellectual status and disciplinary boundaries between philosophy of science and the sciences.” Scientometrics.

John McLevey and Reid McIlroy-Young. 2017. “Introducing metaknowledge: Software for Computational Research in Information Science, Network Analysis, and Science of Science.” Journal of Informetrics. 11: 176-197. 

John McLevey and Ryan Deschamps. Forthcoming. “Public Policy Formation and Implementation” in William Outhwaite and Stephen Turner (eds.) The SAGE Handbook of Political Sociology. SAGE.

Allyson Stokes and John McLevey (equal authors) 2016, "From Porter to Bourdieu: The Evolving Specialty Structure of English Canadian Sociology, 1966- 2014." Canadian Review of Sociology / Revue canadienne de sociologie

John McLevey, Allyson Stokes, and Amelia Howard, "The Uneven Influence of Pierre Bourdieu in Canada." Forthcoming from Thomas Medvetz and Jeff Sallaz (eds) The Oxford Handbook of Pierre Bourdieu. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

McLevey, John (2015), "Understanding Policy Research in Liminal Spaces: Think Tank Responses to Diverging Principles of Legitimacy." Social Studies of Science. 45(2):270-293.

McLevey, John (2014), "Think Tanks, Funding, and the Politics of Policy Knowledge", Canadian Review of Sociology / Revue canadienne de sociologie. 51(1):54-75.

Books/Research Monographs:

Mark Stoddart, Alice Mattoni, and John McLevey. Industrial Development and Eco-Tourisms: Is Co-existance Possible Between Oil Exploration and Nature Conservation? Under contract with Palgrave MacMillan.


Reid McIlroy-Young and John McLevey. metaknowledge: software for social networks research in the sociology of science and science and health policy studies.


“Tory war on evidence claims another casualty” with Liam Swiss. Toronto Star Op-Ed published on September 24 2014, section A15.

Selected research grants and awards:

2015-2020 Co-Investigator, Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC), Insight Grant, “The Oil-Tourism Interface and Social-Ecological Change in the North Atlantic,” Principal Investigator: Dr. Mark Stoddart, Department of Sociology, Memorial University, $188,423.

2014-2016 Principal Investigator, Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC), Insight Development Grant, John McLevey, “Collaborative Design in Online Networks,” $74,814.

2015-2016 John McLevey (PI) and Vanessa Schweizer (Co-I), Basillie School of International Affairs, Major Workshops Grant, "Challenges and Opportunities for Governance of Socio-Ecological Systems in Comparative Perspective," $8,400.  

2015-2016 John McLevey (PI), LITE Seed Grant, Centre for Teaching Excellence, University of Waterloo, "A Data-Driven and Interactive Approach to Enhancing Student Learning about Disciplinary and Interdisciplinary Knowledge Production," $4,765.20.

2010–2013 Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship, Category A, SSHRC Doctoral Scholarship, $105,000.

Professional associations:

  • Canadian Sociological Association
  • American Sociological Association
  • International Network for Social Network Analysis
  • Sociologists for Women in Society

Courses taught and in development:

  • INTEG 120: The Art & Science of Learning
  • INTEG 275: Social Research Methods
  • INTEG 251: Creativity and Innovation
  • INTEG 340: Thinking Through Research Methods
  • INTEG 375: Comparative Science and Health Policy
  • INTEG 375: Data Visualization
  • INTEG 375: Research Methods & Design
  • INTEG 375/SOC 312: Science and Technology in Society
  • INTEG 475: Open Science and Technology