Archives Database

Special Collections & Archives (SCA) is pleased to announce the launch of the Archives Database, an online resource for searching SCA holdings.

Stranger Shoes

The new season of Stranger Things is out and it contains a snippet that links to our very own Special Collections & Archives department. The new season is about a newly opened Starcourt Mall which has become the focal point of the town causing other stores to be run out of business. While everyone is at the mall, there are power fluctuations that trigger Will’s (the main character’s) awareness of something not so good.

White Lotus Day

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, foundress of the theosophical movement. From F13414

All the stamps I loved this month

Over the past month I’ve been working with records in the Anne Dagg fonds for an upcoming project. Although Dagg has published extensively about topics ranging from Canadian wildlife and camels to gender discrimination in academia and the prevalence of anthropomorphizing in science research reporting, she is best known for her ground breaking field research of the giraffe.

Famous Playwright under Our Noses

Hello, my name is Paulina! This fall term, I’ve had the wonderful opportunity of working with Special Collections & Archives for my MLIS co-op. As the term ends, I would like to share one of the amazing finds that I’ve come across during these past few months. One of which is the John Herbert fonds, which spans almost 2 meters of boxes! Now you might be wondering who John Herbert is, much like I did.

Mysterious Wand Work

Hello readers! My name is Katie Turriff and I have been a co-op student at Special Collections & Archives (SCA) since September. I’m studying planning here at the University and I will be in my 4A term in January. Working at SCA has been so thrilling – every day I learn something new and interact with so many intriguing objects and documents we have in the stacks.

New Indigenous language acquisitions

Are you an Indigenous language speaker? Are you currently enrolled in ARTS190, Introduction to Mohawk Language course? Are you interested in learning about other Indigenous languages and syllabics?

Waterloo Digital Library updates

Curious to see items from our holdings, but aren't up for making a trip to campus? You're in luck! Several new collections have been added to the Waterloo Digital Library (WDL) since it first launched back in April. They include:


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