De-framed World War 1 Photograph

I have been on a kick lately de-framing and cataloguing materials that were donated to us in non-archival friendly frames. One of the recent items I have had the pleasure of describing is this incredible panoramic photograph of the Western Ontario Regiment training at Carling Heights in London, Ontario on August 1, 1918. The photograph is 143 cm (4 feet 8 inches long) and shows members of the regiment engaging in various callisthenic looking training exercises.

Landscape photograph of soldiers

Although the photograph itself is definitely fascinating, what was even more exciting was the unexpected time capsule that was uncovered when I removed it from its frame.

The inside of the frame was lined with contemporary newspaper clippings that document the happenings of the First World War and the feelings in North America.

Long timelapse on white table

Included is an advertisement for wholesome cocoa, a very exciting new discovery in growing mushrooms, and a brief discussion on post war measures in Germany.

Newspaper ad about cocoa with text

Ripped newspaper page about new mushroom discovery

Newspaper ad with text and title

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