Another special (and sort of unusual) collection that the archives holds is Hospital Romances. This collection consists of short picture romances, each one with different characters and plot twists, all occurring in the same setting: the hospital. The main focus is specifically on the nurses, and their complex and romantic relationships with the doctors.

This genre of novels portrays stereotypical jobs for women during the 1960s and 1970s, which were nursing and secretariat. What's noticeable is the way the characters are represented flawlessly, especially the nurses with the perfect hair designs and their uniforms, making nursing a desirable job for any woman during this time.

An even more interesting section is at the back cover of every novel: the short biography of a famous British artist or band.

Here’s an example of two back covers, with the biographies of Mick Jagger and The Mindbenders:

Short biography and picture of Mick Jagger

Small text with photo of boyband


A scene from the Picture Romance "Into My Life":

Drawings with text

Drawings with text


Romantic scene from the Picture Romance "Loving Care":

Drawings with text


Happy ending scene from the Picture Romance "Help me Nurse!":

One drawing with text

They are short and fun to read, and also very cheesy with happy endings. So if you're into romantic stories with a hint of drama, than these novels are for you!

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