Canadian Coalition on Acid Rain Donates Archives to Library

Sunday, January 1, 1995

Library Newsletter, Vol. 26, No. 1, January 1995

Canadian Coalition on Acid Rain Donates Archives to Library


Jane Britton and Heather DaleWho stopped the rain? Researchers and students will find the answer to that question and many others in the Archives of the Canadian Coalition on Acid Rain. The Coalition's archives have recently been donated to the Library and will be open for research in the fall of 1995. Shown here are Jane Britton (right), Archives Operations Manager and co-op student, Heather Dale reviewing the contents of some of the over 104 boxes of papers, reports, correspondence, and other materials. The Library and the Faculty of Environmental Studies have been collaborating on this project, and Heather Dale's position was jointly funded by the Library and FES.

The University of Waterloo Library is pleased to announce that it has received the voluminous archives of Canadian Coalition on Acid Rain. Founded in 1981, the Coalition was at that time Canada's largest environmental group and its membership included representatives from 58 member groups ranging from environmentalists and cottagers to native peoples and sportsmen. The Coalition played a central role in both raising awareness on the acid rain issue through advocacy and education programs and in the passage of the U.S. Clean Air Act in 1990.

Working as the first registered Canadian lobbyist group in Washington, the Coalition's papers reveal details of an important environmental issue crossing international boundaries. An understanding of CCAR's unique role as a lobby group contributes to understanding the political process in environmental issues in Canada and the United States.

Included in the collection is a broad variety of documents such as memoranda, letters, research studies, and polls from government agencies, elected officials, public interest groups, and scientific institutions in both the U.S. and Canada. The Canadian files contain correspondence with such figures as Brian Mulroney, Harry Parrot, and Bill Davis, among others, while the U.S. files document activities on and contacts with Senators and Congressmen including figures such as Senator Robert Stafferd and George Mitchell.

Items from the Canadian Coalition on Acid Rain fonds

Shown above are some documents for Coalition's papers which were recently displayed in the Library.

The collection is currently being processed and will be open to researchers in the fall of 1995.

For additional details contact Special Collections & Archives.

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