New archives open for research 2010

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New archives open for research

Archives arranged and described during 2009 are now open for research. The new collections include:

Electrohome fonds

Electrohome brochureOver 23 metres of records, including thousands of photographs, relating to the history of this Kitchener-based international manufacturer of consumer and commercial electronics, appliances, and furniture. Materials from 1900-2001 document the products, advertising, sales and marketing, public relations, administration, operations, and other aspects of one of this region's first high-tech companies.

Grand River Conservation Commission fonds

These records document the operation and activities of the GRCC primarily from 1938 to 1966. The GRCC was one of the founding organizations of the Grand River Conservation Authority and these records are an important complement to our GRCA collection, which opened last year, and other environment-related archives.

Marcel Pequegnat fonds

PumpMarcel Pequegnat (1886-1988) was a superintendent of the Kitchener Water Commission and a founding member of the Grand River Conservation Commission. His papers contain records relating to the Berlin Water Works Company and the Berlin/Kitchener Water Commission (ca. 1887-1961), the GRCC (1938-1943), and the Arthur Pequegnat Clock Company.

Charles E. Greb family fonds and Greb Industries Limited fonds

Greb Industries Limited, originally the Greb Shoe Company, was the largest shoe manufacturer in Canada and maker of Hush Puppies and Kodiak brand footwear. These collections contain records from 1878-2009 relating to the Greb family and the company, which was based in Kitchener.

John John Gartshore MartinGartshore Martin family fonds

John Gartshore Martin (1921-2007) of Kitchener was an officer in World War II and this collection includes letters to his family as well as photographs and memorabilia he collected during the war, newspaper clippings about men from Kitchener-Waterloo serving in the war, and family documents.

H. Stanley Smart fonds

H. Stanley Smart (1918-1977) of Grassie, Ontario, was a Lance Sergeant in World War II. This collection of over 200 letters to his family covers the time from Smart's arrival in England in December 1942 to his last letter before sailing back to Canada in December 1945.

Judy Godfrey fonds

Material collected by Judy Godfrey for her work on the Muskoka Acid Rain Petition Committee in the late 1970s and 1980s.

K. Mary E. Shaw fonds

Illustrations of cutleryTwo notebooks prepared by a student at Battersea Polytechnic in 1904 for courses on housewifery and laundry work, containing meticulous drawings and pasted-in cuttings.

Ken Ledbetter fonds

A 1989 film script by Gary and Ken Ledbetter based on stories by Ken Ledbetter, former professor of English at UW.

Rieder and Anthes family fonds

Souvenir books, postcards, family trees, and other material relating to the families of local rubber company executive Talmon Henry Rieder (1878-1922) and his sister-in-law Ella Anthes Cook (1882-1971).

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