New archives open for research 2021

Monday, January 24, 2022

Archives arranged and described during 2021 are now open for research. The new collections include:

Butter Hits BackCanadian Liberal organizations and ministers collection: World Wars and between

The Canadian Liberal Organizations and Ministers Collection includes a wide variety of materials created and published by organizations and members affiliated with the Liberal Party of Canada during the early 20th Century. Many of the materials were published during William Lyon Mackenzie King’s governments (including campaign materials, speeches, and even personal correspondence written by Mackenzie King). The collection also includes scrapbooks and personal correspondence created and received by one of Mackenzie King’s ministers: James Horace King. Call number: GA461

Claremont Avenue HouseClaremont Avenue house collection

In 1950, the Reive family purchased a lot of land at 178 Claremont Avenue to build a family house. Although the Reives were following the expansion of Kitchener into Westmount, they put special care into the design and building of their new home, employing local workers at all stages. The Claremont Avenue house collection is the perfect testament to this care, including invoices, cheques, and architectural drawings saved by the family for decades. Call number: GA463

Page containing recipes for Gregory powder, beetle poison, and brass pasteCulinary and medical manuscript household recipe book collection.

Culinary and medicinal manuscript household recipe notebook from the late 19th or early 20th century. Includes recipes for food (such as jelly and lemonade), medicinal remedies (such as an earache cure and a cough syrup), and household remedies (including furniture cream and cement). Call number: GA466

 Indigenous peoples in the Arctic CouncilJohn English fonds: 2019 accrual

Joining other materials donated by John English and adding to his professional life as a scholar and politician, the 2019 accrual has a special focus on environmentalism and Arctic research. Series 3 revolves around organizations and research projects in which John English was involved and provides important background information to the Climate Emergency of our days. Call number: GA464

Page from Mabel Fox's scrapbookMabel Welma Fox scrapbook album

Mabel Welma Fox was born in 1903 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In 1921, Fox enrolled in the School of Education at the College of Literature Science and Arts at the University of Michigan from where she graduated in 1923 with a Bachelor of Arts in Education. During her time at the University of Michigan (1921-1923), Fox created a scrapbook album containing correspondence, photographs, newspaper clippings, ephemera, physical objects, and annotations that guide the reader through Fox’s university life. Call number: GA457

Joan Hollobon receiving an awardJoan Hollobon fonds

After emigrating to Canada in 1952, Joan Hollobon started a career as a journalist that took her from general reporting to becoming one of the most celebrated and awarded medical journalists in the country. Hollobon’s fonds presents an overview of her professional and personal life, including the articles and publications that gained her recognition across Canada and the medical profession. Moreover, as an immigrant, Hollobon’s fonds offers us a glimpse into the life of a woman who built her life and career in a new country while maintaining connections with her family and friends abroad. Call number: GA460

Donna Jean McKinnonDonna Jean MacKinnon fonds

After many years working as a journalist in Canada, Donna Jean MacKinnon decided to research and highlight those who opened and created a path for women journalists in Canada. There were two outcomes of MacKinnon’s hard work. The more public-facing one was her bookNewsgirls: gutsy pioneers in Canada’s newsrooms” (Call number G24635) where readers can find biographies of ten journalists and learn about their ground-breaking work towards equality. The more private one was her fonds where we can not only see different drafts of the final work, but all that was involved in the research, creation, and publication of MacKinnon’s book. Call number: GA459

First page of open letter from Québec feministsOpen letter from Québec feminists

Anonymous open letter created by a group of feminists from Québec outlining the outcomes from the October Crisis (Québec, October 1970) and the relationship between Québécois feminist movements and the Front de Libération du Québec (FLQ), and appealing for support to the FLQ and the women’s movement. The letter seems to have been written shortly after the invocation of the War Measures Act in October 1970. Call number: GA467

Pamphlet titled, "Where did we come from, Mother dear?"Letter from Reverend Alfred H. Tyrer with birth control pamphlets

Alfred Henry Tyrer worked as a Reverend for the Church on England in Canada and published several books on the matters of sex education and birth control. The collection includes pamphlets and order forms for Tyrer’s books Where did we come from, mother dear? (Marriage Welfare Bureau, 1939) and Sex, marriage and birth control (Marriage Welfare Bureau, 1936), and ephemera related to the books and the Marriage Welfare Bureau. Call number: GA468

Men and women soldiers marchingBettie Bernice Wilson collection

Bettie Bernice Wilson was born in Hamilton in 1917, and in 1942, she enlisted in the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) Women’s Division. She completed her basic training at the No. 6 "M." Depot in Toronto and her trade training at No. 1 Technical Training School in St. Thomas, and was posted in 1942 at the No. 16 Service Flying Training School in Hagersville. The Bettie Bernice Wilson Collection is a testimony to the RCAF Women’s Division in general, and Wilson’s years in particular. Although a small collection, it contains a powerful story from the Ontario of the Second World War. Call number: GA465

Camilla Young as an adultCamilla Young photograph album

Camilla Young was born in Atlantic City, NJ in 1946. She was a professional writer, a fashion commentator, a consultant, and a model, and she coordinated New Jersey's Miss Black America Pageant and judged other pageants. The Camilla Young Photograph Album covers Young’s early life, including from her baby years to her adulthood, and showing many aspects of her family and personal life—as well as her evolving sense of style and fashion. Call number: GA458

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