Hire Management Sciences and Management Engineering students and graduates

Management engineering students have a wide spectrum of employment opportunities in industry, business, governments, universities, non-profit organizations, and wherever corporations and institutions wish to improve their effectiveness, efficiency, productivity, and future planning based on engineering analysis and proven principles of scientific management. 

Graduates of this program are uniquely qualified to work on interdisciplinary teams that require both engineering and management skills. They work and consult in a wide variety of careers in every industry including: manufacturing, communications, transportation, retail, energy, banks, insurance companies, healthcare, hospitals, military, mining, oil and gas, aerospace, travel, and entertainment.

Sample co-op opportunities students have had in the past include:

Job title Employer
Solutions developer intern T4G Limited
Engineering student - design projects RCM Technologies Inc.
Quality engineering Magna International Inc.
Manufacturing IT operation coordinator Blackberry
Professional services consultant NexJ Systems Inc.
Business analyst, transportation Canadian Tire Corporation
Supply chain support assistant Blackberry
Electrical engineering student Rogers Communication

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Frequently asked questions for employers

What can a junior management engineering student do to help me?

In terms of technical skills, junior students have learned Excel (i.e. forms, charts, formulas, pivot tables, and VBA) as well as Java. They also have experience performing systematic problem solving both individually and in team settings. They have been exposed to looking at processes and decisions and analyzing cause and effect relationships, and can assist organisations by organizing and analyzing data.

What can an intermediate management engineering student do to help me?

Intermediate students, who will have completed two to three works terms, will have real-world experience working with employers. They will have gained experience working in teams and contributing to projects. Students will be able to assist in project management, requirements analysis, data analysis, process studies, quality management, financial analysis, and software development.

What can a senior management engineering student do to help me?

Senior students, or those who are going onto their fifth or sixth work terms, have had more technical subjects and developed new skills and abilities in the areas of optimisation, data mining and warehousing, and simulations. They will have had the chance to practise and hone these skills in the real world. While each student will be different based on their previous experiences, all will have the foundations of problem solving and analyzing situations.

What can a graduating management engineering student do to help me?

While this will greatly depend on the student and where they have previously worked, all graduating students will have had at least five work terms of real-world experience. In general, the management engineering graduate will be able to observe a situation (product, process, task, etc.), determine if there is a problem with respect to its effectiveness and efficiency, and analyze the gap to develop a solution. Graduates can develop a plan and strategy for how to implement the solution and ensure it is effective in the long run.