Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How do I take a course above load during an academic term?

A minimum cumulative average of 75% is required to take an extra course during a five-course academic term.   To-be-cleared courses must be prioritized.  The extra course would not be included in the term average, but if unsuccessful, it could contribute to the to-be-cleared count.

I want to take an Engineering non-degree term. Are there any course restrictions?

There must be a specific purpose associated with the Engineering non-degree term. Engineering non-degree terms are not granted otherwise.

For continuing students with failures to clear, Engineering non-degree terms will be reserved for clearing failures and not for taking extra courses to obtain a minor. A student with "May Not Proceed Status" will be required to withdraw if any courses are failed during the Engineering non-degree term, even if it is only a second attempt at the course.

Students who are trying to qualify for another plan or program should meet with that advisor for course selection advice. Once a plan is approved, it should be sent iby email to the Management Engineering advisor/coordinator.

How to I clear a failed course?

Most MSE courses with final a grade of at least 40% can be cleared with a successful supplemental examination. When a supplemental exam is not an option, the course or an equivalent must be taken. Management Engineering is a one stream plan, so retaking the course may mean sacrificing a co-op term (example: failing a 3B core course could mean sacrificing your 4A co-op for a non-degree term in order to retake the course). Three attempts are allowed per course. A supplemental examination counts as one attempt. After three unsuccessful attempts at one course, a student may be required to withdraw.    For 1A/B courses, see approved courses for clearing 1a and 1b failed courses .

I am currently in another Engineering plan but am interested in applying to Management Engineering. What are the requirements to be considered for transfer?

In order to be considered for transfer to 2A, 2B, or 3A Management Engineering, students should have a cumulative average of at least 80% without any uncleared courses. Even with this, a qualifying year is usually required in order to catch up on missing courses. Generally, students will be delayed for at least one year beyond their original graduation date. Those interested should email the Management Engineering advisor/co-ordinator for an initial assessment. Please email from your UWaterloo account and include your id#.