Future graduate students

The University of Waterloo operates within a three-term academic schedule. Each term is four months in duration. Full-time graduate studies at Waterloo are typically three courses a term.

 If you wish to secure a supervisor independently, you must complete your application first

Julia Dalessandro, an MMSc student, describes her work to improve children's access to healthcare treatments. Read Julia's story.

Photograh of Julia Dalessandro

This recorded webinar will give you an overview of the programs, research, and admissions processes for graduate studies.


    Student Life

    Explore campus life as a University of Waterloo student — living on residences, finding hot spots around the community, and participating in a wide variety of club activities.

    Cynthia Waltho, a PhD student in the department of Management Sciences, shares a day in the life of a graduate student at the University of Waterloo.

    Want to see some of the University of Waterloo Engineering's highlights? Watch the campus tour video below!


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