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University of Waterloo President's Graduate Scholarship:

The Vice-President, Academic and Provost and Dean's Council established an incentive award valued at up to $10,000/year for recipients of Tri-Council and Ontario Graduate Scholarships. Visit the President's Graduate Scholarship information page for more information.

All applications to all scholarship programs (unless indicated) must be ranked in the Department before submission to the Graduate Studies Office where they will be ranked before submission to the granting agency. Best of luck!

Contact your graduate coordinator for more information. 

Scholarship competition departmen​t deadlines

The deadlines for applying for the Ontario Government Scholarship (OGS), Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) Doctoral scholarship, and/or Tri-Council Canada Graduate Scholarship Master's (CGS-M) competitions are shown below.

Further information on these scholarships can be found on the following websites:

Note: See web sites below for deadlines.

Transcript deadlines:

Deadlines and procedures to order transcripts (for OGS) or upload transcripts (for NSERC) vary so please check website.

Questions about NSERC and OGS scholarships can be directed to the Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs administrative coordinator.

Upcoming scholarship information sessions

Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs (GSPA) held two scholarship information sessions in September. The presentations were recorded and are available on the GSPA external awards website.

These sessions are geared toward Master’s and Doctoral students who have a minimum 80% average in each of their last two academic years, and to undergraduate students in 3B-5B terms with a min. average of 80% in each of their last two years who are interested in applying for a tri-agency or OGS scholarship.

Information and deadlines for the upcoming 2019-2020 NSERC and OGS competitions will be up on the following websites:

Questions about NSERC and OGS scholarships can be directed to:

Graduate coordinator of Management Sciences

Other awards and funding websites

NOTE: There are very few scholarships available to students entering the Master of Management Sciences (MMSc) coursework programs. Please refer to the individual websites above for eligibility criteria.

NOTE: Information on this webpage is subject to change without notice.

Scholarships and awards available to Management Sciences graduate students

El Gabbani Scholarship (endowment)

The El Gabbani Scholarship is awarded yearly to an international student, demonstrating high academic potential, entering the MASc program in the Department of Management Sciences. The award is endowed in recognition of the value of the Management Sciences program in training foreign individuals, who, upon their return to their native countries will use their acquired knowledge in improving the lot of their people. Amount determined each year by interest earned from the endowment (approx. $750.00). El Gabbani Scholarship (Endowment)

Eligibility guidelines:

  • Incoming student for fall term
  • International students only (attending on a study permit/student visa)
  • Master's students only
  • High academic potential
  • Financial need

Donald J. Clough Memorial Award (endowment)

This award was established by the Sandford Fleming Foundation from donations made in memory of Professor Clough. Recipients of the award will display superior scholarship and will normally be enrolled in the first year of graduate studies in Management Sciences at the University of Waterloo. The award is valued at approx. $500.00. Funds provided from a memorial endowment through the Sandford Fleming Foundation. Donald J. Clough Memorial Award (endowment)

Eligibility guidelines:

  • Display superior scholarship
  • Enrolled in first year of graduate studies in Management Sciences
  • International students eligible
  • Open only to Master's students

Fraser Award (endowment)

The Fraser Research Award is open to both MASc and PhD students of the Department of Management Sciences. It shall be awarded to the student who wrote the best research paper in the previous three academic terms.

Submissions must be papers completed while the author was a student in Management Sciences and must reflect research carried out primarily in the Management Sciences Department. The best paper will be chosen on the basis of overall research quality, taking into account the experience and field of the individual student. Award recipients need not be current students in the Department, but must have been registered in at least one of the eligible terms.

A Committee of faculty members reflecting the various research interests of the department will judge papers. Best papers chosen on basis of overall research quality. Amount determined each year by interest earned from the endowment (approx. $750.00).

Eligibility guidelines:

  • Student can submit one research paper only.
  • Open to MASc and PhD students.
  • Paper written in previous three terms.
  • Paper completed while author was a registered student in Management Sciences.
  • Paper must reflect research carried out primarily in Management Sciences.
  • Papers should not exceed 30 pages in length, conventional font, and spacing.
  • The work must be completed in its majority by the student applicant(s) as first author.
  • Award can be shared among several student co-authors.
  • Only student author names should appear on the submission.

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