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Undergraduate course schedules winter 2020

Course title and department course description from the last time the course was offered

The undergraduate calendar is always the official source for all course descriptions.


Contact information

MSCI 121 Intro to Computer Programming Mark Hancock

MSCI 131

Work Design & Facilities Plan Sibel Alumur Alev

MSCI 211

Organizational Behaviour Muhammad Umair Shah

MSCI 261

Engineering and Economics Gita Taherkhani
MSCI 261 Engineering and Economics (ME) Hassan Shavandi
MSCI 311 Organizational Design and Technology Ada Hurst
MSCI 311 Organizational Desigh and Technology Rob Duimering
MSCI 331 Introduction to Optimization Gita Taherkhani
MSCI 334 Operations Planing and Inventory Control Hassan Shavandi
MSCI 402 Management Engineering Design Project Ada Hurst
MSCI 423 Managing New Product and Process Innovation Chadi Elkadri

MSCI 431

Stochastic Models and Methods Safa Erenay
MSCI 432 Production and Service Operations Management Muhammad Umair Shah
MSCI 433 Applications of Management Engineering Fatma Gzara
MSCI 435 Advanced Optimization Techniques Jim Bookbinder
MSCI 436 Decision Support Systems

Stan Dimitrov

MSCI 442

Impact of Information Systems on Organizations and Society Peter Carr

MSCI 444

Information Systems Analysis and Design Olga Vechtomova

MSCI 454

Technical Entrepreneurship Peter Carr
MSCI 555 Scheduling: Theory and Practice Hossein Mehrizi Abouee

Graduate course schedules winter 2020


Course title and department course description from last time course was offered

The graduate calendar is always the official source for all course descriptions.


Contact Information

MSCI 602 Strategic Management of Technological Innovation Kejia Zhu
MSCI 607 Section 001 Applied Economics for Management Bon Koo
MSCI 606 Secton 081 Foundations of Senior Management (MMSC online only) Muhammmad Umair Shah  

MSCI 607 Section 081

Applied Economics for Management (MMSc online only) Christina Fader
MSCI 630 Human Computer Interaction Mark Hancock
MSCI 651 Section 081 International Project Management (MMSc online only) Peter Carr
MSCI 652 Section 081 International Business Management (MMSc online only) Minna Allarakhia
MSCI 709 Section 001 Logistics and Supply Chain Management Jim Bookbinder
MSCI 718 Statistical Methods for Data Analytics Oliver Schneider
MSCI 719 Operations Analytics Hossein Abouee Mehrizi
MSCI 720 Section 001 Topics in Information Systems Topic 39 (Held with MSCI 599): Haptic Computing Oliver Schneider
MSCI 734 Models and Applications Fatma Gzara
MSCI 740 Topic 44: Managing New Products & Process Innovation course outline (PDF) Chadi Elkadri
MSCI 760 Topic 24: Energy Policies course outline (PDF) Jatin Nathwani