Team from TronCon showcasing their accessibility solution
Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Innovation takes centre stage at Mechatronics Capstone Design Symposium

On March 25th, we held our annual Mechatronics Engineering Fourth-Year Design Capstone Symposium, and wow, there was a lot to see! Keep reading to learn more about some of this year’s projects and see which teams were recognized for some pretty awesome awards. 

Team Disc Launching Robot accepting their award.

Disc Launching Robot 

Did you know that disc golf discs need to be tested? Team 52 has designed a revolutionary device that can launch discs at a distance of 300 to 500 feet, allowing real-world tests of discs at professional speeds for the disc golf industry. This team was also the recipient of the Best Research Award. 

Team OSCAR'S rescue device and the team accepting their award


Meet OSCAR, a global lifesaving solution. OSCAR is an autonomous surface marine robot that navigates itself to a drowning victim in open water before any bodily harm occurs. Together with GPS and optical camera data, the device broadcasts its location to nearby ships and rescue units using standard automatic identification systems to help quickly locate the victim at any time of the day. Team 33 won two awards: Design Analysis Competition and Best Overall Project. 

Team Fet-natics accepting their award.


Team 21 designed a high-efficiency EV traction inverter (motor controller) to improve electric vehicle efficiency. FET-natics also received the Best Student Design Team Award. 

Team Lynx Locks in front of their capstone booth.

Lynx Locks 

Taking building security to the next level, Lynx Locks tackles inefficiencies in building and hardware access. By leveraging the FIDO protocol, the system can unify keyless entry systems to address users' key pain points in a better, easier-to-use solution. 

Team Hydrotronics and their Capstone Design


Team 37 developed an automated aeroponics system for home gardening to help its users save money due to rising food costs with better personal gardening systems. This nifty device can track and manage light exposure, pH levels, nutrient levels, and growth rate—saving users money and time. 

The Elderly-Friendly Smart Cart and the team winning their award

Elderly-Friendly Smart Cart

A senior’s best companion in the grocery store! Students on this team have invented a cart that offers push assistance, in-store navigation that determines the shortest routes within the store, and on-cart scanning to enlarge item details to empower seniors to navigate grocery stores with confidence. Team 15 was the recipient of the Most Innovative Award.

Plus, check out some more award winners from the evening below! 

Following the symposium, some of our fourth-years met with alums at TronCon, where Chris Ho (BASc' 08), Wayne Miranda (BASc' 08), and Neil Rittenhouse (BASc' 08) shared their unconventional paths after graduation. The overall theme was that with a mechatronics degree, you can do anything you set your mind to. 

Congratulations to the Mechatronics class of 2024! The Capstone Design Symposium and TronCon were a fantastic end to the last five years, and we can't wait to see how you continue to change the world in your next ventures.