WATonoBus picks up its first passengers

Thursday, November 11, 2021

Amir Khajepour
The WATonoBus is making history as it picks up passengers on the University of Waterloo’s Ring Road.

The autonomous, eight-passenger minibus was launched in spring 2021 and is being developed by a team, led by Engineering Professor Amir Khajepour (Canada's Research Chair in Mechatronic Vehicle Systems), of more than 20 researchers in the Mechatronic Vehicle Systems Laboratory.

“Ring Road is a great testbed for autonomous vehicles because it has intersections, railroad tracks, bicycles, jaywalkers and construction – it’s a busy environment,” says Khajepour. “But it’s also a great way for us to give another service to the University.”

The shuttle has gained attention around the world, but Khajepour points out the technology behind the first self-driving shuttle at a Canadian university will likely make its way into health care, airports, mining and other industries long before the wheel of your own self-driving car.

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