Jazz EnsembleThe UWaterloo Jazz Ensemble is an accomplished group of approximately twenty student musicians.  They perform a mix of jazz classics and modern pieces.  The director is Michael Wood, well known vibist and jazz director.
The concert lasts approximately 75 minutes, refreshments to follow.

The University of Waterloo Balinese Gamelan Ensemble will perform a selection of traditional and modern compositions.  First started in 2013, the ensemble led by artist-in-residence Dewa Suparta and Dr. Maisie Sum is expanding its repertoire and level every term.

A Concert of the Global Mennonite Peacebuilding Conference and Festival, featuring choirs, gamelan, and an original composition titled “Earth Peace” by Carol Ann Weaver, Professor Emerita of Music.

If you are a Global Mennonite Peace Building Conference participant, your ticket to this event is included with your registration.

This is the final of the "68" Haydn String Quartet concerts. The title refers to the 68 string quartets that Haydn wrote over the course of his life. Each exhibits its own unique characteristics and compositional techniques. The members of the Attacca Quartet have been so captivated by these works that it felt only natural to feature a number of Haydn string quartets as an entire program, as opposed to the usual tradition of hearing only one as a concert opener.

Franz Joseph Haydn
Op 54, No 3
Op 76, No 5