Instrumental Chamber Ensemble Audition Details

Instrumental Chamber Ensembles (Fall, Winter, Spring)


Spring 2020 audition dates: Cancelled due to Covid-19 situation.  See news item for details.
Fall 2020 TBA

  1.  Pick an audition time 
  2.  Fill out the I.C.E. Ensemble Participant form  (coming soon) before your audition.  A copy will be sent to your email address & the director.
  3.  Read the 2020 Spring I.C.E. Information sheet. This has some very helpful advice, so make sure to take time to read it.  
  4. Bring a copy of your class schedule (calendar view)
  5. Sign up on Quest.

Note: only new participants need to audition each term but all must submit a grid format of their timetable. Returning students are to email Ben Bolt-Martin to indicate their intent to participate (no guarantees) as Quest will not notify the director for you. Timetables can be left in the folder under the sign up bulletin board or emailed to the director.

First rehearsal Once groups are formed, the director will contact each member.  Each group will meet one hour per week for rehearsal and for an additional hour per week for coaching with the director.  Rehearsals will be arranged around the members' class schedule.

Audition Requirements

Prepare two contrasting pieces to be played unaccompanied. Students should bring a copy of their timetable (printed off Quest in grid format) to leave with the director at the audition along with a complete I.C.E. Ensemble Participant form (see above). Returning students do not need to re-audition, but must drop their timetable off in the Instrumental Chamber Ensembles folder under the music office bulletin board and indicate their intent to participate (no guarantee of returning) by contacting the director, Ben Bolt-Martin. Quest will not notify the director.

Note: registering for an ensemble on Quest does not mean the director knows you are intending to participate in a given term. You must audition (or if you are not required to audition, then you must notify the director directly).

If you do not pass the audition or are not asked back in the ensemble, you must drop the course on Quest yourself (if you registered in the first place) as this is not automatically done for you.