Noon Hour Concerts at Home

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Gathering to create, share, and experience music together is an important part of the Conrad Grebel University College community. In an effort to stay connected and fulfill musical wishes, Grebel’s Noon Hour Concert series will go virtual for the fall 2020 term.

We have a great line-up of concerts and interviews for the Noon Hour Concerts@Home,” said Karen Sunabacka, associate professor of music at Grebel at the University of Waterloo and coordinator for the Noon Hour Concert series. “Because the performers will be pre-recording their concerts, we are able to have musicians from near and far with artists from New York, Ottawa, Toronto, and KW. We are also able to make use of digital technologies in new ways and include interviews and conversations about making music during this time of COVID-19.”

“I am particularly excited about I Dewa Made Suparta, who is the artist-in-residence at Grebel and whose concert will be on Wednesday, October 7,” added Sunabacka. In the concert, Gamelan Trio, Dewa Suparta will be joined by Maisie Sum, associate professor of music at Grebel at Waterloo, and Dewa Ayu Devin Sum. Together as a family, they will play the Balinese Gamelan, an Indonesia instrumental ensemble.

November 11, Remembrance Day, will showcase the premiere of The Path Before me - A Woman’s Journey. Inspired by the life of her grandmother, a Jewish woman who lived in Europe and Asia throughout WWI and WWII, Jana Skarecky composed a piece about history, war, and those who are impacted and how they found hope. This story will be performed by soprano Clarisse Tonigussi and collaborative pianist Narmina Afandiyeva.

During the fall term, concerts will be posted on the Grebel YouTube channel most Wednesdays at 12:30pm. This virtual format means the concerts can be watched from anywhere, at any time, and as many times as desired. The series runs from September 23 to November 25 with the exception of October 14.

Life can be a bit flat without music, but this concert lineup is pretty sharp and may help life feel more natural. Mark your calendar for September 23 at 12:30pm for the first piece of this unique, impactful, and uplifting concert series.

View the Music events page for complete concert detail.

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