University Choir Audition Details

University Choir (Fall, Winter, & Spring)

Vocal interview

Spring 2020 dates: Cancelled due to Covid-19 situation.  See news item for details.
Fall 2020: TBA

Singers: Interviews will be in 5 minute intervals for people new to the University Choir. 

The audition will consist of:
      1. Range check
      2. Sing-back
      3. Sight-singing
      4. Please prepare one verse of Down by the Sally Gardens. This will be a cappella, and can be sung in any key that is comfortable.

All are required (new and returning) to attend a brief vocal interview each term. This will give the director a chance to re-assign section parts and get feedback from the previous term.

The sign up sheet will only be on the on-line version.  The form to fill out will also be on-line.  Please go to all links in the steps provided below. Email the music office for questions or help.

  1. Pick an interview time (If these times are all taken or none work for you, email the director).
  2. Read the Fall 2020 UW Choir Info Sheet  
          audition piece:  Down by the Sally Gardens    
  3. Fill out the University Choir Ensemble Participant form (coming soon) online before your audition.  Both you and the director will receive a copy.
  4. Register on Quest if you are asking for credit for the ensemble (see notes below)
  5. Join their Facebook group.
Rehearsal TBA

Audition Requirements

Arrive to your vocal interview warmed up ready to sing. Interview requires a brief set of vocal and aural exercises (range placement and pitch matching): no prepared piece is required. 

Note: registering for an ensemble on Quest does not mean the director knows you are intending to participate in a given term. You must audition (or if you are not required to audition, then you must notify the director directly).

If you do not pass the audition or are not asked back in the ensemble, you must drop the course on Quest yourself (if you registered in the first place) as this is not automatically done for you.