Waterloo Eye Institute: Victoria's story

Woman in a purple shirt cuddles a little red-haired girl
Our daughter Elise was passing into third grade without being able to read.

She could read individual words but she couldn’t read a book, not even Dr. Seuss. I would try to help her by pointing to the words but she didn’t want me to help. It was frustrating for both of us.

We had her in speech therapy and language therapy but somehow nobody could break through. It wasn’t until an optometrist tested her binocular vision that we found an answer.

Elisa has autism and the doctor was very accommodating. She worked with Elise to help her understand the exercises and work past any frustration she had. Once Elise understood what to do, she was able to finish the exercises and feel good about herself.

I was surprised at how quickly Elise made progress. We started vision therapy in the summer of 2017 and by December, she was reading. This has been a life-changing experience.” - Victoria, Waterloo-Wellington resident

Through the Waterloo Eye Institute, the School of Optometry & Vision Science will expand its vision rehabilitation programs and other services so that more children like Elise can get the care they need. Learn more.