The third step in the application process is a Meet & Greet.

Upon receipt of your Application for Admission to the School, the Admissions Committee will conduct an initial review. After the initial review, the Admissions Committee may invite you for a Meet & Greet, in which case you will be emailed before the end of November, 2019. All applicants will receive an email. Not all applicants will receive an invitation to the Meet & Greet. Unfortunately, applicants who do not receive an invitation to the Meet & Greet will no longer be considered for admission.

The Meet & Greet will be conducted at the School on January 11 2020, and will consist of: 

  • A personal talk with faculty and members of the profession
  • A round table discussion with our current OD students, and
  • A tour of our facilities

You will receive travel instructions when invited. In the meantime, you may view our travel directions page.

If granted a Meet & Greet, you will need to forward your second transcript by the January deadline. See the transcripts page.

Admission decisions will be emailed by the end of March.

If granted admission, you will need to forward your third and final transcript by the June deadline and we will see you in September.