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Dr. Desmond Fonn receives the honour of Distinguished Professor Emeritus

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Dr. Desmond FonnDr. Desmond Fonn receives the honour of ‘Distinguished Professor Emeritus’ from the University of Waterloo.  This honour will be recognized at the June convocation.

This title recognized Professor Fonn’s excellent and original research contributions in the area of contact lens clinical research, his philanthropic activities and his outstand record of service to both the university and the academic community.

Dr. Fonn retired in December 2010 from the Waterloo School of Optometry where since arrival in 1986, he has not only established himself as an outstanding leader, teacher and researcher in contact lenses but has also been an advocate for optometric education and a champion volunteer for the School’s expansion and renovation campaign, raising over $2 million. 

In 1988, Dr. Fonn acted as founding Director of the Centre for Contact Lens Research (CCLR) – establishing their mandate to become an international leader in contact lens research.  Through Des’s leadership, the CCLR has accomplished their goal by building a strong team and by partnering with industry.  Although retired, Dr. Fonn continues to help provide strategic direction to the CCLR and is an invaluable resource to industry and the optometric community.

In recognition of his many accomplishments; industry, colleagues, friends and family generously supported the creation of the Desmond Fonn Contact Lens Research Award in the CCLR at the School of Optometry.  This significant award will be given to graduate students who excel in contact lens research.  The Desmond Fonn Conference Room was also created in the CCLR and was made possible through a gift from CIBA Vision, to recognize Dr. Fonn’s contributions to the contact lens industry.

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