Associate Professor

Jeff HovisOD (Ohio State), MS (Ohio State), PhD (Indiana), FAAO

Telephone: (519) 888-4567 ext. 46768
Fax: (519) 725-0784
Office: OPT 261


Jeff Hovis has worked in the field of vision standards and colour perception for the past 25 years. His primary research is in establishing performance-related vision standards in law enforcement and the Transportation industry. He serves as a consultant to various Transportation agencies and police agencies throughout North America.


My research focuses on establishing performance based standards for colour vision, visual acuity and binocular vision with the primary work studying the impact of colour vision deficiencies on coloured related tasks. I have also been investigating the impact of protective eyewear on visual performance.

Approved Ph.D. supervisor

Clinic duties

  • Registered optometrist, O.D. (Ohio State)
  • Supervising clinician
  • Clinical interests: primary care, binocular vision


Undergraduate courses

  • OPTOM 109: Visual Perception 1. Monocular Sensory Processes
  • OPTOM 339: Visual Perception 3. Colour Perception

Graduate courses

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