Pediatric Optometry Residency: Emphasis on Vision Therapy and Vision Rehabilitation

General description of the residency

The residency in Pediatric Optometry and Vision Therapy is a clinical post-doctoral position that is designed to extend and refine your knowledge and skill in specific areas of pediatric optometry and binocular vision therapy, including management of dysfunctions of the eye movement, accommodative and binocular vision systems. Aspects of visual perceptual system assessment and management will also be covered. The emphasis of the residency program is to achieve competence through clinical training. In addition, you will also engage in scholarly activity and will be required to participate in the clinical education of optometry students. The residency will be split between the School of Optometry and Vision Science (WOVS) and Dr Angela Peddle Optometry Profession Corporation (APOPC).

Dates of residency: August 1, 2022 – August 31, 2023.

Salary: $38,000 per year, additional $2000 to be used toward travel to optometric meetings. For benefits and other information, please see the Residency FAQs.

Facility and supervisor information

Primary Supervisor at Dr Angela Peddle Optometry Profession Corporation (APOPC): Dr. Angela Peddle, address: Elite Vision Therapy Centre, 332 Scarlett Rd, Unit 1D, Etobicoke ON, M9A 4S4 .

Additional supervisors at APOPC: Dr Jeff Speers

Primary supervisor at the School of Optometry and Vision Science (WOVS): Dr Lisa Christian

Additional supervisors at WOVS: Dr Debbie Jones (Pediatrics), Dr Nadine Furtado (Primary Care and Acute Care)

Location:  The residency is split approximately 60% at WOVS and 40% at APOPC. The first part of each week is spent at WOVS and the last part at APOPC. For the WOVS component, the majority of the residency will take place in the School of Optometry and Vision Science, but some attendance at the Health Science Campus (HSOC), Kitchener may be assigned.

Hours:  The clinical components of the residency are scheduled during operating hours at either WOVS or APOPC for five days per week or equivalent. While we expect you to study on your own time, one-half day per week is also provided for self-study, administration tasks and the didactic components provided by the residency curriculum.  Evening clinics may be scheduled, in lieu of clinic during a weekday. You may also be scheduled to be on-call. Your attendance at WOVS will be scheduled on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Your attendance at APOPC will be scheduled on Thursday, Friday and Saturday of each week.

Anticipated Weekly Curriculum:

Term 1 Fall (September – December)

Term 2 Winter (January – April)

Term 3 Spring (May – July)


Direct Patient Care (Peds, VT or PC) = 4.5


Clinic Supervision (Peds) = 1


Direct Patient Care

(Peds, VT or PC) = 3.5


Clinic Supervision (Peds, BV or VT) = 2.5

Direct Patient Care

(Peds, VT or PC) = 2

0.5 days = Self Study