Section 5: Student responsibilities before start of patient care rotation


pharmacy student and her patient photo Students are expected to take an active role in their learning.

It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that all required course activities are completed.

Students are expected to provide the highest possible quality care to their patients and to work collaboratively with their preceptor and other healthcare professionals and staff.

Please also review Section 8, which details Waterloo policies that are relevant to patient care rotations.

Students are expected to regularly review announcements, communications and updates from the School of Pharmacy — i.e., to check their e-mail and to log into the CORE ELMS (previously RXpreceptor) message centre.

To be completed BEFORE you START your patient care rotation

Late or incomplete forms and requirements will result in a delay in the start of the patient care rotation.

  1. Review the course outline and assessments for PHARM 430, 440 and 450.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the process and the timelines associated with the ranking and matching.
  3. Complete the Student Profile form and upload your resume within the Requirements section of CORE ELMS (June).
  4. Students are responsible for ensuring all pre-rotation requirements have been met and are reflected in CORE ELMS by December 1st. This includes: 
    1. Providing evidence that all required immunizations are up to date. Your Patient Care Rotations Immunization Form and any other supporting documents must be reviewed for completeness and signed by your health care professional. All immunization forms and supporting documentation are to be uploaded into CORE ELMS. 

    2. Completing the Consent to Release Health Requirements online form.

    3. Ensuring that First Aid/CPR (level C or HCP) certification is valid and a copy of certification is uploaded. Please see post-admission requirements for full details.
    4. Ensuring N95 mask fit is current and a copy of certification is uploaded.  
    5. Completing the WSIB Student Declaration of Understanding online form.
  5. Students should review the site profile in CORE ELMS and liaise with their RCC in determining any site-specific pre-rotation requirements and region-specific questions once region and site match are completed.
  6. Students should introduce themselves to their preceptor before the start of the rotation. Students may choose to send either their résumé or a short introductory letter to their preceptor.
  7. Students and preceptors will be e-mailed a “Rotation Package” prior to the start of each patient care rotation. 

Section 4b: Social media usage guidelines Section 6: Student responsibilities during patient care rotation