Section 8: Relevant Waterloo policies


Unplanned absences (e.g., personal illness such as food poisoning, a cold, etc.)

The process for all student for unplanned absences:​

  1. Student to contact their preceptor to inform them of their absence​

  2. Student to send an email to the Regional Clinical Coordinator (RCC) and Experiential Coordinator (EC)​

  3. If more than two days is missed, student is to obtain Verification of Illness Form (VIF) within 48 hours and email the form to*​

  4. When feeling better, student to add the absence(s) to Core Elms in the Absence Tracking area​

  5. In order to meet practice hour requirements, absences will be reviewed on a monthly basis. Students who will require make-up practice hours, will be contacted by the EC.**​

*This is an effort to put some responsibility in the hands of the student and mimic the practice of most workplaces whereby calling in sick once is not questioned nor requires documentation.​

**To ensure this “one-day without VIF” is not abused, students need to be aware that they will be held accountable if there is a pattern or (suspected) abuse.​

We understand exceptional circumstances happen where you may not be able to communicate the absence ahead of time such as serious personal illness, injury requiring medical attention or bereavement. Please contact the RCC and EC as soon as possible.​

Planned absences (e.g., academic meetings, interview, etc.)

Regional Activities - Absence for approved regional activities with the RCC is permitted, and the preceptor(s) should be given advance notice. ​

​One day for a preapproved professional activity such as a job interview or a conference may be granted. ​

​The process for student requests for planned absences:​

  1. Student to send email request for absence to the EC and copy the RCC.​

  2. The EC will communicate to the student and RCC whether the request has been approved or denied.​

  3. If the request is approved, the RCC will communicate the decision to the preceptor and the student will add the absence to Core Elms under the Absence Tracking area.​

For additional important details with respect to attendance and absences while on patient care rotations, please refer to the course outlines

Inclement weather

On occasion, inclement weather may make it difficult to reach your rotation site. Caution should be exercised when travelling. Appropriate assessments should be made regarding the risk of travel and discussions should occur with your preceptor regarding policies and procedures related to this matter.

Please read the University of Waterloo policy on inclement weather.

Personal crisis

If a student experiences a personal crisis, they should contact the University of Waterloo's Counselling Services at (519) 888-4366, ext. 32655. The University of Waterloo’s Health Services can be reached at (519) 888-4096.

For a crisis that occurs during evenings, nights and weekends, or outside Kitchener-Waterloo, students should be brought to an emergency room.

More information can be found at the University of Waterloo Health Services and Counselling Services website and the School of Pharmacy Student Support website

Workplace Safety and Insurance Board

The Ministry of Colleges and Universities (MCU) has implemented a new streamlined process for students enrolled in an approved Ontario university program that requires them to complete placements in a workplace as part of their program of study.

The Government of Ontario, through MCU, pays the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board for the cost of benefits provided to student trainees enrolled in an approved program at the University of Waterloo and participating in unpaid work placements  with employers who are either compulsorily covered or have voluntarily applied to have Workplace Safety and Insurance Board coverage.

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