About Plant Operations

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Our Mission

To enable outstanding learning, high-impact research and vibrant campus life experiences of our University community, advancing Waterloo’s mission. We will achieve our common purpose by delivering prudent planning, development, maintenance and operations of University property, facilities and infrastructure. Through our professional facilities and property management services, we provide a contemporary campus environment that is safe and accessible, invitingly clean and comfortable, functionally enriched and well-maintained.

Our Vision

To be a leader among educational facilities professionals in service excellence and best-practice asset stewardship exceeding stakeholder expectations.

Our Values

Integrity - We will demonstrate the highest standards of ethical behavior in a supportive, inclusive and respectful manner

Accountability – We will take ownership of and be responsible for our work and actions as individuals, as team members and as an organization

Leadership - We will lead by example at all levels and will do what is right, supporting innovation and creativity

Engagement – We inspire one another to develop and grow, professionally and personally, and empower each other to do what is right through our common purpose and a passion to excel

Collaboration - Working as a team, we share knowledge and expertise with a common purpose to achieve optimal results