Plant Operations provides a number of services. The services are summarized below. Click on any service for more information.

Building Services: carpentry, painting, masonry, signs, locksmiths.

Electrical Services: electrical distribution and lighting.

Mechanical Services: plumbing, fire extinguishers, steel work.

Controls  Services: air quality, heating and cooling controls, ventilation systems and fire alarm systems.

Grounds Services: turf maintenance, horticulture areas, naturalized areas, water courses and features, roads and walks, playing fields, vehicle maintenance.

Environmental Services
Custodial Services - cleaning and decontamination of academic and public spaces
Waste Management - management of garbage, recycling, and organic waste across all areas of campus and affiliated University colleges
Restoration - floods/ leaks, fire, vandalism and other types of disaster recovery plus specialist services e.g. restoration of rare books

Central Plant: heating, cooling, chilled water and domestic soft water supply.

Design and Construction: design, tendering of contracts to outside contractors, co-ordination and inspection of work for major expenditures, plus any work requiring architectural, mechanical, electrical and furniture consultation.

Key Control: distributing, receiving and safekeeping of keys assigned for controlled access to facilities on campus.

Maintenance and Repairs: maintenance or repair of buildings, electrical services, plumbing, environmental controls, custodial service.