Frequently Asked Questions

The following provides answers to frequently asked questions related to the Archibus Self-Service Workplace Portal.

Who can submit work requests?

Only staff at the University of Waterloo are allowed to submit work requests, either through Archibus, by email or by phone (519-888-4567, ext. 43793). Students are not allowed to submit work requests. If a student has an issue to report, it is advised that the student let the problem be known to the proper staff who can then submit a work request for the problem.

Where do I submit a work request?

Work requests can be submitted through Archibus or by email. For 24 hour requests, or urgent requests, call 519-888-4567, ext. 43793.

How do I submit a work request?

A work request can be submitted through Archibus:

On the Archibus home page, from the left-hand side, click "Search". Then search and select "Workplace". A new tab will open to the Workplace Portal. From here, click on Request under Services and then you can either create a billable or basic maintenance request. After selecting which request you would like to make, fill out all required information for the request. This will include the building, floor, description of the request, and billable information, if needed. Click "Next" at the bottom of the page. You can then choose to add photos and the requestor's phone number. Once complete, click "Send" to complete your request.

Where can I be updated about my work request?

You can view your request and its current status through Archibus under the menu Service Desk > Guest > "View Service Request" or go to the Search option and search for "View Service Request". Alternatively, you can go to Workplace Portal and view your requests through the dashboard, but there will be less information than in Archibus Web Central. If you are unable to find the information you're looking for, you can email and someone can look up the request information for you. You can also call Plant Operations at 519-888-4567, ext. 43793.

What do the different work request statuses mean?

  • Created: This status means a work request was started, but was not fully submitted. This could happen if an attachment is over 10Mb or if the attached file is not an accepted picture format (e.g. .jpg, .gif, .png). Please try to resubmit the work request with an acceptable attachment or no attachment. Contact Dispatch if another file type needs to be attached or if you are still having trouble submitting a work request.
  • Assigned to Work: The first work request workflow step. The ticket is sitting with dispatch or the appropriate work team waiting for scheduling and craftsperson assignment.
  • Issued and In Process: When the work request is ready to be worked on, the supervisor or lead hand issues it.
  • Completed: Once the work is done, and the craftspeople/lead hands have updated the work request with all the required information, the ticket is reviewed and marked as completed.
  • Closed: After the work request has been marked as completed, the supervisor reviews and closes it. This means that the work request is archived, and the information is unlikely to change unless corrections are made by a system admin.
  • Stopped : If work has begun - its status is Issued and In Process - when a decision is made to not complete it, then the work request is stopped. Reasons for this could include: duplicate of another request, work not within the scope of Plant Operations, work no longer required, etc.
  • On hold for parts: Work is paused until the required parts are procured.
  • On hold for labour: Work is paused until internal or external resources are available
  • On hold for invoices: Supervisors are waiting to receive an invoice for materials/contracted work before updating the request and closing it for billing (if applicable).

Why can’t I locate an employee in Locate a Person or Room?

Not all employee information has been included within Archibus. You may be able to locate some individuals and not others depending upon their inclusion in the database. As well, some information may be carried for individuals, including extension and email, but not location at this time.

What should I do if I cant find an appropriate service type to use for submitting my issue?

  • Please use your best judgement to select the most appropriate/applicable service type available within Workplace Portal.
  • If you are not sure, please use the Other/Misc>Items not Defined service request type and our dispatch team will triage appropriately
  • If you find you are frequently reporting an issue that is not captured within the available service requests types, please let us know and we will look to try and include new service types in the future.

Why I am not seeing my submitted work request within Workplace Portal -> View Service Requests?

If the work request has been closed and archived by Archibus it is no longer visible within this view. It can however be reviewed by accessing View Service Requests within web central. Within this view, all archived work requests can be viewed by selecting the Archived Requests tab.

What if I forget to include my accounting or other information within the work request description for Billable Work?

All billable work request submissions are first reviewed by our Work Request Administrator. If any information is missing or inaccurate, or further clarity regarding the request is required, we will reach out to you before the ticket is issued.

What happens to a billable work request vs. a maintenance work request?

  • The Work Request Administrator will review the submitted work request and determine if it will be completed by the Design group. The request will then be moved from Archibus into our in-house program used to track design projects.
  • The original submitted work request will be cancelled and archived within Archibus. If needed, you can review the original request in the Web Central view by selecting  View Service Requests -> Archived Requests.
  • Once the request has been processed, clients will receive a new email notification from our in-house program with their corresponding design work req number and other instructions.

You can then look for updates regarding the design request through the Plant Operations website Design Status Reports

How do I follow-up on a work request?

  • If you wish to follow-up with a request, please reference the work request code associated with the corresponding request. The work request code can be found within the associated ticket in View Service Requests -> Request-> Work Request Code. This number will always begin with the year eg. 2021004148.
  • For billable work, please follow-up with the Work Request Administrator at
  • For general maintenance requests, please follow-up with Dispatch at
  • You cannot reply to the notification emails sent by Archibus. Please reach out to the email addreses above to have any questions or concerns addressed.