Building Services


  • Scott Douglas, ext. 43650
  • Jason Kavelman, ext. 46281

This area is responsible for:

  • maintaining all building envelope, structural, and finish components such as built-up and single ply roofing systems, unit and precast masonry, exterior metal cladding, glazing systems, doors, frames and associated hardware, interior wall systems, and finish millwork.
  • hanging doors, trim work, maintenance to office furnishings, drywall repairs, window coverings, floor repairs, ceiling installations, laboratory benches and casework, painted surfaces, shelving, boards (tackboards, whiteboards, etc.), locksets, door closers, signs, coat hooks, tile work, and numerous building accessories.
  • coordination of a preventative and predictive maintenance program.
  • resolving unforeseen failures or component breakdowns as they arise.

Please contact Central Stores for moving furniture and equipment.

Note: A Work Request must be sent to Plant Operations before moving furniture if assembly or disassembly is required.